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(c) Meganet

(c) Meganet

JewelScan 360 is a unique imaging system

It has the ability to capture high speed photographs of a Diamond or a GemStone in Very High Clarity from Full 360 degrees. It then arranges these in such a way so that moving the mouse gives an impression of virtual reality.

JewelScan 360 takes just 1 minute to capture the 360 degree Image and convert in to a virtual reality file

JewelScan 360 is ideal for regular photography too, and has the capability of capturing images with DeepLook Technology where even at highest magnification the whole stone or diamond is in focus, capturing the inclusions and cuts in full clarity in one shot It is specifically designed for ease to use.

JewelScan 360 is Directly controlled from the PC, with live preview. Pictures are captured and transferred to the computer at a click of a button. No Photography knowledge is required.
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